The Carnival of Jockey Silks, Horse Racing, and Free Bets

When the galloping thoroughbreds speed by at 40 miles per hour, you won’t be able to recognize the horses you’ve spent your free bets on, but you’ll be able to make out the bright colored silks of the jockeys. Those silk colors sailing in the wind will tell you if you’ll make or break it.

The Royal Silks

The sea of vibrant silks adds to the pomp and pageantry of horse racing. freebet Without those colors, punters, horse trainers and owners, and judges won’t be able to distinguish the riders and horses, and the race won’t be thrilling at all. For punters, it would be like betting blind with their free bets.

The tradition of using colorful jerseys for horse racing is a throwback to the times of Roman chariot racing when charioteers donned colorful capes to be easily spotted or identified by the spectators. For horse racing, it was later in the 17th century when more horses signed up for the races that the English Jockey Club demanded horse owners and jockeys to submit their colors.

Since that time, the racing silks continued to color the tracks and fly at tantalizing speeds. The English Jockey Club chiefs can track the jockeys and their mounts, and you can easily spot your jockeys on the horses you’ve chanced your free bets and horse racing tips on.

Silks Everywhere

Horse racing enthusiasts who live for the action at the racetracks outside the UK and USA – South Africa, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, and Dubai (just to mention a few) – can tell from a distance which jockey got the better horses, and they can start handicapping the jockeys and horses. They know more information beyond the silks – the jockeys’ weights and track records.

The jockeys, many of them have cut their teeth on the tough horse racing courses, made it to top with record victories. They are easily identified in their orange, purple, red, blue, pink, and color combo shirts and head gear; and they sure look stylish in their colorful get-up.

The jockeys are ranked according to the top 10 in money and are wooed to ride the elite of horses in the fat purse races. For just two to three minutes on the tracks, fortunes rise and fall, and many free bets have made it to the big time, while jockeys made themselves richer by risking their lives and limbs in each race.

Silks, sleek horses, thundering hooves, and free bets – together they make horse racing an exciting spectator sport. That is if you know how to make sense of the different types of bets to make a killing at the races.

The Adrenalin Pumping Races

When the horses are sweating at the starting gates, ready to fly down the track, the smoldering excitement only breaks loose when the horses are released from the gates. The sudden rush of horses, thundering hooves, and the roar of the crowd drown the silent prayers of punters hoping to make their day.

Wagers hang in the balance during the horse race, be it bets to lay, to place, to show, exacta, quiniela, or perfecta. It’s the thought of winning that makes the sports a thrilling favorite. And unless you know what all the bets mean, you’ll never make heads or tails of what makes real money in horse racing.

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