First Steps to Becoming a Mobile DJ

So you’d like to start a Mobile Disco?

OK then so you’d like to start a Mobile Disco and become a mobile DJ that’s great! But where do you start?

Well before we go into that let me just say this – the term “mobile disco” or “mobile dj” tends to bring out different reactions in people dependent on their own personal experiences of Mobile Disco’s and we will talk about that later.

First Things First

Firstly and most important to becoming a DJ is of course MUSIC, It stands to reason that you must like music in order to be a DJ! That may sound absolutely obvious but if you’re a fan of Bon Jovi for instance and no other music exists for you outside of Bon Jovi, then quite simply being a mobile DJ is not going to work unless you just do gigs for Bon jovi fans of course, but somehow I think the regular work just wouldn’t be there. (Any Bon jovi fans out there no offence intended, I like some of their stuff myself, it was purely an example).

In the world of Mobile DJing you MUST be open and receptive to all kinds of music as not all audiences are the same, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever come across any two that are alike, everyone you do will always have it’s own unique elements no matter how subtle.

For instance, looking at my experience alone, my music catalogue and tastes now run through so many different types of music genres and styles. Coming myself from the UK and a background of Motown, Northern Soul, Disco and Jazz Funk as my roots, if someone had predicted to me then that in twenty years time I would come to regard songs from such styles as Swing/Big Band Music, Country, Rock, Punk (New Wave), Ska and more recently Salsa, as acceptable styles of music to use to create the right atmosphere for a good party I would have thought that they were insane! But here I am and it’s true.

I’m not saying I like all of the songs all of the time but you MUST be open minded about it as it will pay off dividends in the future when your out their DJing.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day the more versatile you are the more you’re Mobile Disco business prospers and that is the key to making this a success, you must treat this as a business – not a night out!

Other Peoples Impressions

To most people, when you mention the term Mobile DJ various images spring into their minds depending on their age and experiences. It could be from a Wedding Reception or Party you have attended at a Hotel or even from an event at a Working Mens Club or Community Centre!

Even a famous Club or Radio DJ could be considered to be a mobile dj depending on what type of function they were doing at the time.

Just think about it for a moment. . . . you may recall several images from experiences you’ve had in the past about what a DJ is and there are Several different types of DJ out there so here is a rundown of the different types that maybe you really want to avoid becoming.

The Cheesy DJ – usually a case of bad jokes and an even worse taste in music, who talks drivel all night long thinking that all the women love him and that he is the best thing since sliced bread.

The “Night Out” DJ – Usually turns up to do his gig wearing ripped or old jeans, has a cigarette and microphone in one hand and a beer in the other and thinks that any idiot can put music on!

The Dreamer-who think s he’s in Ibiza playing Dance, Trance and anything else he can lay his hands on to ensure that his “Ibiza gig” lasts to the end of the night while he’s really doing a Wedding Reception for Lynn and Paul in Birmingham, who’s wedding guests from 2 to 92 go home stunned wondering what’s just happened to them!

Unfortunately we’ve all seen these types of DJ’s and wondered how they manage to get work but the sad truth is they DO get work!  Fortunately there are still some very good Mobile Disco’s out there and if you want to be one of them you need to work at it and treat your business as your own corporate empire with the image to match.

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