Family Day Care: Is It the Right Choice for Your Child?

It is that dreaded moment in your life when you are finally faced with leaving your child with strangers in order to get back to work. There are several childcare options and with a little research, you are sure to find the best choice for your child. This article will give you a few tips on finding suitable Family Day Care and will also discuss its pros and cons to help you with your decision.

If your child is not very healthy and thrives on constant attention, a regular Centre may not be the right choice. The risks of infection with several common illnesses are higher in Day Care Centres primarily due to the higher number of children in a limited area. Also the child and caregiver ratio may not allow personalized attention for your child.

Are you worried about hygiene issues? Are you concerned about the lack of personalized attention when your child is placed with many other children? If these are your major concerns, you should join the many parents who opt for Family Day Care as it is portrayed as a home away from home for their child.

Family Day Care promises a clean, homely atmosphere for your child. It is usually offered by stay-at-home moms who have toddlers of their own. This gives you a certain degree of comfort as you know that your child will be taken care of by another mother.

Child Care affects both parents and children in a very profound manner. It can bring about changes in a child’s behavior both positively and negatively. It affects kids physically and mentally. It also plays a role in developing emotional and social ties. So it is very important that you ensure that the child care provider is well-qualified and experienced. The child care professional should also be in touch with the latest trends in early childhood education, activities, and child health care.

Before selecting a good Family Day Care Centre, you should visit the place and spend some time watching how the caregiver is taking care of the children. Are the children being given individualized attention? Are their needs being met with minimum fuss? Do the children feel comfortable to ask the caregiver for food or assistance? Is the toilet clean? Are the nappy changing areas disinfected before and after every nappy change? Are the children playful and cheerful? Is the Child Care Provider gentle and yet firm while disciplining the children? Do the children respond well while spoken to?

You also need to find out if the caregiver is aware of the early signs of sickness in a child. Ask about first aid kits and the procedure followed in the event of an emergency. Is there a hospital nearby? What are the safety precautions in place? Where are the fire extinguishers located? And what is the process for evacuation in the event of a calamity?

Does the house have sufficient space for the children to run around and play? Do they have regular indoor and outdoor activities planned for every day of the week? Is there any field trip organized close to home? It is important for your child to have some exposure to outdoor activities in order to gain early social skills.

The drawbacks are that although there will be just four to six children, there may be only one caregiver. If this person falls ill or plans a vacation, you will be forced to look for other childcare options. The children will most likely belong to different age groups which could prove detrimental to your child’s mental development. The caregiver being unsupervised might show negligence in the care of your child. There are usually no legal requirements to be met by Family Day Care providers and they do not need licensing.

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