Be Fit Over Forty – Use the Top 10 Tips to Trick Yourself Into Weight Loss

To be Fit Over 40 you need to be able to stay focused and on track to succeed. That is why motivation and staying on your diet and weight loss plan can sometimes be a challenging mind game.

Over the years of trying this diet and that diet I am sure you have found that there are times when it is hard to stay on track then other times when things just seem to go fine. It is during the hard times that we need the motivation and the strength to stay on track.

Sometimes it takes everything you have to do this. There seems to be countless hours that seem to drag on when you are hungry and can only think about food. Well there is help in staying on track and fit over forty. I have found that you can trick your mind and body into losing weight. You can actually make yourself feel full and get rid of those cravings. You can forget abut food and get back to the other things that need your attention.

I want to share these with you so and have came up with the following list to help everyone stay Fit Over 40. Here they are:

The Top 10 List Of All Time Weight Loss Mind Tricks:

1. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of cold water per day. You hear this often and for good reason. Most people don’t do it. They think they are drinking that much but aren’t. So, count out your glasses for a few days and get used to how much water it actually is. Ensure that you drink one glass of water prior to each meal to help fill you up. Also, if it is cold that is even better, as your body will need to burn a few extra calories to heat you back up.

2. Eat something for breakfast and make sure it includes a small portion of protein. Rev up your engine for maximum metabolism burn. This kick start to the day will keep your metabolism high through-out the day. Again it is something you hear all of the time because people ignore it. And just so you know, 2 cups of coffee does not count as breakfast!

3. Carry a bag of carrots or your favorite vegetable with you all of the time to use for emergency snacks when you get hungry. Carrots are my favorite because they are crunchy, they are sweet, they are good for you and you can’t really eat too many. Do I need to say anymore?

4. Do not eat after 8 pm at night. Your body’s natural metabolism slows done during the late night period. Try to let it do that by not eating.

5. Do not consume useless extra calories from your beverages. Switch to diet soda, drink black coffee, limit your alcohol intake. Another thing that can get people are fruit juices. Limit them to 1or 2 servings per day at the most. Yes, they are good for you and have a lot of vitamins, but they also have a high amount of natural sugar. So, enjoy them, but don’t over do it.

6. Switch some of your food to lower fat or fat free options. For example , switch your milk from 2% to skim milk. Buy light or fat free foods where ever you can. It all counts and can add up quickly. Just think if you switched to the light versions of margarine, sour cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, cheese and milk. That is a lot less fat. But don’t stop there, anytime you see something you regularly buy become available in a lower fat version go for it.

7. Use spices instead of dressings that have a lot of fat. Learn new ways to cook and to use spices to take your meals from diet boring to low calorie exciting. A simple and easy way to reduce fat while cooking and flavoring things up!

8. Keep a food journal. It doesn’t have to be fancy or formal. By keeping track of all your food intake and by doing it honestly you will stay on track. It is easy to forget something during our busy day, so doing this lets us know how many calories we are really consuming in a day. You might be surprised.

9. Finish all meals with a piece of sugar-less gum. This will help you from over indulging after your meal is over. Many times after we eat we feel a craving for something sweet and end up ordering a dessert we do not need. Do you know why we get this craving? Because we have conditioned ourselves over time to expect sweetness after a meal. Chewing a piece of sugar-less gum will combat thins and save you calories.

10. Switch your normal dishware for smaller plates and bowls. This will naturally help you from not stocking your plate high with extra calories. It has been proven that if you have a bigger plate or bowl that you will take more food. Trick your mind into eating less and still feeling full.

So now that you have seen the tips, try to use a few of them at a time over the next few weeks until you are using them all. You will see a difference in the amount of calories and fat you are consuming. Especially if you keep the journal and can go back and compare notes.

Being Fit At Forty can be done and you can do it. Do as much as you can, but realize that we all have good days and bad days. We make mistakes every day in every part of our lives. You will make mistakes on your journey, I know I have. I also know that is how we improve. Forgive the mistake but do not forget it and most importantly, forgive yourself. Learn from it and move on. Tomorrow is your next chance to improve your health and fitness but why wait, start today. Successful dieting and weight loss is a life choice. You will have bumps along the way.

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